Messy Play

Our messy play sessions are designed for you to come along with your little ones to enjoy a themed play time. These sessions are run in four week blocks and booking is essential.

Messy play gives your child the chance to gain new experiences by taking part in planned activities in a safe and interactive environment. These sessions are designed for you and your child to learn, explore and most of all have fun together. 

Each session lasts for one hour with messy play being 45 minutes, we will spend the last 15 minutes reading your child a story with rhymes which relate to the theme. There will be drinks and snacks available for you and your child to enjoy.

Up front payment of £20 is required for the 4 sessions.

Fun for kids

Cre-Art-Ivity is suitable for kids of all ages.

In addition to pottery painting, we want kids to enjoy and explore creatively through a range of activities.

Any of the sessions we run are age appropriate and designed to be interactive and fun. We encourage children and their parents to create together and we will even clear up all the mess!

​​ Tots Tales

​Enjoy a story with your 'tot' then let them paint a small pottery item relating to the story.

Drinks and biscuits are provided.

 £6 per child

​Booking is essential for these sessions!

​25th July 11.30-12.30 story - Guess how much I love you
27th July 11.30-12.30 3 little pigs
1st Aug 11.30-12.30 Gingerbread man
7th Aug 11.30-12.30 Chicken Little
13th Aug 1.30-2.30 Little Rabbit Foo foo
22nd Aug 1.30-2.30 the 3 bears
​24th Aug 11.30-12.30 the elves and the shoemaker
29th Aug 1.30-2.30 the gingerbread man
31st Aug 11.30-12.30 Guess how much I love you

More Messy Play Dates - coming soon 

​ Mondays 10.30-11.30  Tuesdays 10.30-11.30

​Please call 01462835672 or email for more information.

Summer Holidays are coming

As well as pottery painting (which will be available 11-4 during the holidays on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) we also have a range of other activities.

Booking is recommended for all activities and pottery painting, to avoid disappointment.

Rock Painting £5 - 30th July 11.30-12.30  &   2.00-3.00

                        15th Aug 11.30-12.30    &   2.00-3.00

Wooden Plaque decorating  -  3rd Aug 1.30-2.30

                                          28th Aug 11.30-12.30

Clay Emoji Workshop £15  -  6th Aug 1.30-3.00

                                  20th Aug 11.30-1.00

Foam Clay £10 - 8th August 1.30-2.30

                        17th Aug 11.30-12.30